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Best Wedding Anniversary Fowers For Every Milestone

Flowers are the best way to mark special occasions like milestone anniversary years. Celebrate togetherness with the best flowers for your anniversary. Each wedding anniversary milestone year has a specially designated flower symbolizing the specific anniversary year. If you aren’t aware of these flowers, here’s a list of anniversary flowers by year to help you out.

1st Anniversary – Carnations

Though the first anniversary isn’t a typical milestone, couples do celebrate their first year of togetherness. Carnations are ideal for first anniversaries. These multi-petaled flowers represent beauty and happiness and a budding bond. One of the best wedding anniversary flowers, these delicate blooms are available in pink, yellow, white, and red. You can either choose one color or a multi-colored bouquet for your first anniversary celebrations.

5th Anniversary – Daisy

These dainty little blooms symbolize forever love and fidelity. They also represent the simplicity and innocence of the relationship. So, fresh white daisies are perfect for the fifth anniversary. Either wrap a bunch of white daisies or create a beautiful arrangement of daisies in a vase or basket to gift your significant other on your fifth anniversary.

10th Anniversary – Daffodil

The official first decade of your marriage is always special. So, to celebrate these ten years of togetherness, vibrant daffodils are perfect. To keep it simple on your tenth anniversary, create a casual and contemporary arrangement of daffodils. Place a bunch of these radiant yellow flowers in a glass vase or jar and keep it on your bedside for a morning surprise. These cheerful blooms spread positivity wherever they are. They represent joy, resilience, and renewal.

15th Anniversary – Rose

Roses keep the romance alive. Though they are perfect for every anniversary, celebrating your fifteenth anniversary with these classic flowers is the best way to express love. Gifting roses to your spouse on the 15th anniversary show that your love is just as strong and passionate as it was on your first anniversary. Choose red roses to express love or pink ones for admiration and yellow ones for friendship. You can also create a multicolored roses bouquet with assistance from a wedding florist in West Palm Beach.

20th Anniversary – Aster

Asters represent love and wisdom. Surely, couples learn a lot about love and gather wisdom by weathering through challenges for twenty long years. So, gift your significant other some pink, blue or purple asters on your twentieth anniversary. They look gorgeous in any anniversary flower arrangement.

25th Anniversary – Iris

The purplish-blue iris is a bold and bright flower to gift your spouse. They are a symbol of hope, royalty, courage, faith, and admiration. So, to make your significant other feel like royalty, give them a bunch of irises from a florist in Palm Beach, Florida like Burst of Class. You can also decorate your room with bold, blue irises. Place them in vases or use a bunch as centerpieces to make the best anniversary gift.

50th Anniversary – Violets And Yellow Roses

Half a century anniversary celebration definitely calls for something special. Hence, this year has two flowers designated for it. While yellow roses add joy, friendship, and optimism to your 50th-anniversary celebrations, violets express modesty, faithfulness, and everlasting love. Together, these blooms represent the beauty of a prosperous marriage.

All of these anniversary milestone flowers are special. So, if you have an upcoming milestone anniversary, surprise your loved one with gorgeous bouquets. Place an order with florists like Burst of Class and get it delivered via West Palm Beach florist delivery.

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